Are You Creating Customer Chaos or Success? Find Out Now.

When I began my consulting practice, I noticed an interesting trend.

Some of the organizations produced chaos in their customer experience.

These organizations would often have impressive strategies, marketing initiatives and supply chains that would reel the customer in. But once the solution had been purchased, the customer seemed to enter a different realm entirely.

The functions of the organization would cross-communicate to the customer, if they spoke with the customer at all. No one would know if the customer was even using the solution or if they were having a positive experience. Metrics weren’t in place and the internal employees were confused on how to interact with the customer.

Other organizations elevated the customer experiencing by optimizing their Customer Success.  

Every level of these organizations had a clearly defined customer success strategy. Dashboards were in place to see how the customer experience was progressing, with people, processes and tools easily accessible to onboard, retain, upsell and cross-sell the customer. Not surprisingly, these were the organizations that flourished the most.

After years of interacting with both types of clients, as well as a range in between, I developed the Customer Success Maturity Model, with clients falling into one of five categories: Chaotic, Forming, Functioning, High-Performing and Optimized.

Here is a summary of each of the five categories:

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