Getting to yes

Time is ticking by and 2018 is more than halfway done. How close are you to making your number? 

A Sales Leader, follow this systematic step-by-step approach to close deals so that you can make, or exceed, your goals for 2018.

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What does "Getting to YES" mean?

We're over halfway through the year and the number of days left to close important deals is increasingly limited.

Do you have close plans in place for your most critical deals? Are there potential leads you’ve been nurturing that haven’t come to fruition?

At Dunn Growth Experts, we've honed a systematic approach to closing out deals. It begins by creating a Sales Objective using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time Bound) goal format. What is the current state of achieving your goal? Summarize it.

Now view the deal from the prospect’s perspective – what are they looking to accomplish? Seek to understand what pain points and business drivers the customer wants to solve by using your solution. Identify if there’s a compelling event motivating the prospect to complete the deal by a specific date. Make sure you have completed your due diligence in preparing to meet the prospect’s needs. Is Procurement and Legal ready to go? Have you negotiated and confirmed pricing?

Know each organization’s role in the process. List all the steps the prospect needs to take to get to Yes and sign the contract. List the actions your own company needs to complete to get to Yes as well, along with any internal assistance required, and identify the key individuals, deliverables and dates. 

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