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dge Customer Success assessment™

Achieve Customer Success with a detailed report and an opportunity to meet with Bob Dunn for a remote consult

Full Customer Success Assessment - $499
Includes the DGE Customer Success Assessment™ questionnaire and 30-page recommendation report

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4-step customer success solution

Turn Customer Success into a powerful growth engine through personalized consulting for business optimization

The DGE 4- Step Customer Success Solution™ includes:

Receive a performance and benchmarking assessment to understand your opportunities

Customer Journey Map
Understand your customer's journey and experience, including value achieved and LTV  

Strategy Workshop
Complete an analysis and strategy workshop to close gaps and plan next steps

Build the Customer Success Organization
Receive a personalized organizational strategy to move forward with allowing you to grow your revenue and enterprise value

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DGE Assessment Solutions

Quickly identify your acceleration opportunities across your Revenue Growth Pillars, each assessment includes a personal consult with Bob

DGE Corporate Strategy Assessment™ - $499
Is your organization set up for success?

DGE Product-Solution Assessment™ - $499
Are your products and solutions generating the revenue you expect? 

DGE Marketing Assessment™ - $499
Are you creating demand for revenue growth?

DGE Sales & Channels Assessment™- $499
Street Address
City, State, Postal Code

DGE Customer Success Assessment™ - $699
Are you optimizing your customer engagement?

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ACCELERATED Consulting solutions

Receive personalized engagements with Bob Dunn, an expert in revenue growth, to overcome any challenges you are experiencing

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