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The Revenue supply chain

With a blend of digital, virtual and in-person consulting options, the Revenue Supply Chain™ is an expedited approach to solving your business needs.

All businesses face three fundamental challenges:

Creating Enterprise Value

Achieving Growth

Producing Revenue


accelerating your organization's success

There are five essential strategy and execution pillars that will help you create enterprise value, achieve growth and produce revenue:

DGE Growth Method Simple.png

With the Revenue Supply Chain™ in place, you will:

  • Create more opportunities

  • Execute more effectively to bookings

  • Ensure your customers achieve success with your products and services

  • Compel customers to stay longer and buy more

  • Achieve customer advocacy and referrals

  • Address your business opportunities more quickly and efficiently than traditional consulting expertise or no consulting at all

Through our comprehensive set of solutions, Dunn Growth Experts will help you answer these questions:

  • Where do we focus?

  • What works?

  • How do we do it?

How we can help

Dunn Growth Experts understands your business and how you can succeed in today’s marketplace. 

Research shows that today's businesses need more than the traditional consulting experience, which moves slowly, costing businesses precious time and money. Did you know that on average, it takes organizations four months to select a traditional consulting firm? That is four months of lost revenue, decreased customer satisfaction and lower expansion opportunities.

Dunn Growth Experts offers a solution. We offer high value, cost effective and time efficient consulting, delivered through a blend of digital, remote and in-person options that make world class consulting convenient and accessible while reducing the time to result.

This is because of our world class DGE Revenue Growth Method™ steeped in experience, research, and best practices, all developed by Bob Dunn, an expert in revenue acceleration, strategy, alignment, execution, and leadership. 

We have multiple options to help you succeed

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We have the DGE Customer Success Assessment™ for businesses who want to quickly and efficiently learn how to reduce churn and increase customer retention, expansion, advocacy, satisfaction, and lifetime value through an assessment.  

How it works:

Simply complete the online questionnaire of key competencies, and you will receive a comprehensive report with your results for each competency compared to industry benchmarks and three targeted recommendations.  You also have the option to meet with Bob remotely to discuss the findings and performance improvement recommendations through our convenient online scheduling tool.  


We have the 4-Step Customer Success Solution™ for businesses who know they need to reduce churn, increase retention, and improve their customers’ experience. 

How it works:

After completing our specialized assessment, Bob Dunn will personally work with you and your team to identify root causes and organizational challenges. From there, he will help you improve the customer journey and construct the capabilities that will turn your customers’ success into a powerful growth engine.  

DGE 4 Step Solution2.png

For organizations who want to understand their revenue growth acceleration opportunities for the Corporate Strategy, Product, Marketing, and Sales & Channels revenue growth pillars, we have a series of online assessments you can take. 

How it works:

After completing the questionnaire, you will schedule an personal remote meeting with Bob where he will walk you through your results and illustrate how you can start growing your revenue today.

DGE Assessmnt.jpg


For organizations who know exactly where they are challenged in their organizational growth and want to meet with Bob Dunn to learn how they can maximize their enterprise value opportunities, you can book time with Bob to learn what you need to do to be successful.

Bob offers remote consulting for organizations struggling to achieve their full potential, and with his expertise, can help you quickly identify the actions you need to take to reach your highest success.

Not sure which describes you best or have a different issue? We can help.


Don’t just take our word for it, see the results!

“Bob added method and order to the annual budgeting and strategic planning exercise. He has impressive experience with small to large business, go-to-market planning and management. Bob has high integrity, very professional and he is a joy to work with.”
— Tony Prince, CEO, PhishLabs Member and InteliSecure Board Member


Dunn Growth Experts was founded by Bob Dunn, an innovative and experienced thought-leader with over 35 years in technology solutions, company leadership, investing, board service, and high profile consulting.

Bob has distilled his knowledge into the Revenue Supply Chain™, a systematic end-to-end approach to generating revenue growth and creating enterprise value. Organizations that have applied the Revenue Supply Chain™have had proven results, earning multi-millions of dollars in returns by structuring their business through the five DGE Revenue Growth Pillars: Corporate Strategy, Product, Marketing, Sales & Channels, and Customer Success.

Though the DGE Consulting Experience with Bob Dunn, you will receive the key insights you need to grow your Enterprise Value while taking your customer experience to new heights.