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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Bob added method and order to the annual budgeting and strategic planning exercise. He has impressive experience with small to large business, go-to-market planning and management. Bob has high integrity, very professional and he is a joy to work with.”

Tony Prince, CEO, PhishLabs, and InteliSecure Board Member

“Bob’s ability to align the business strategy with the nuts and bolts plan for execution is a valuable asset few can call a strength. His knowledge of business concepts and their applicability to the business provides a clarity that accelerates the development of real, tangible action steps. Bob’s discipline, to everything he approaches, is evident in the outcomes and accomplishments he has achieved. As a mentor, he not only provides guidance, but accountability. He’s a great business thought leader, yet an even greater person.”

Alice Shade, CEO of SentryHealth, formerly Edumedics

“ Bob has the ideal understanding of how to blend the art and the science of the sales and marketing for Go-To-Market leadership. He is financially astute in tying revenue and bookings outlooks to the income statement, balance sheet, and annual plan. I have often found his ability to communicate insights as an advisor (and subject matter expert) to help me and my teams to be very valuable and inspiring. Bob’s senior level experience is ideal as a Board member or advisor and to help executives examine strategic major account sales processes and build targeted marketing plans for any business to achieve top-line growth.”

Glen Vondrick, CEO, High-Tech Transformation Executive

“Bob is a highly strategic, engaged, and constructive advisor. He brings a combination of corporate strategy and planning expertise, extensive go to market strategy knowledge across sales, marketing, product/services and channel, with a deep financial understanding. Bob is passionate about revenue growth and improved performance. He provides useful insights and leadership while empowering others to be successful.”

Stephen Drew, CEO, InteliSecure

“Bob Dunn is a positive force. It seems improved top and bottom line performance follow Bob wherever he goes and whatever he does. Bob is extremely credible and one of very few executives with leadership experience and skills at strategy and execution across the critical functions of organizational performance; sales, marketing, product/service, customer success, finance, and corporate strategy. He will either deliver the results himself or define the approach and empower others while providing the leadership and coaching required to achieve the goals.

Bob posses a rare ability to connect with people at all levels and age groups, from CEOs and Boards to college interns both internally and with customers, because his positive approach demonstrates he is genuinely interested in their success not only his own. He is as effective an executive as he is an advisor.”

Doug Ellis, Managing Partner, DecisionPoint International, Tech M&A

“With great fortune, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Bob at Edumedics. Edumedics is a Louisville based startup with great potential to use and scale its health population analytics, coupled with a unique point of care model dedicated to patients with chronic disorders. Bob’s sharp enterprise sales insights, patient coaching, and keen transaction diagnosis have been exceptional. There is no way we could have had the recent success without his leadership. Bob can plot an enterprise-wide new customer acquisition strategy and suggest the right moves for a key account victory. He can go macro or micro. His 30 years of sales leadership experience quickly become obvious.”

Jack Danehy, Board Member, SentryHealth, formerly Edumedics

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