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Accelerated Revenue and Enterprise Value starts with us.


Dunn Growth Experts understands your business and how you can succeed in today’s marketplace.

Unlike traditional consulting firms that move slowly, costing you time and money, Dunn Growth Experts provides you with targeted consulting expertise at lower cost and shorter time to result.  This is because of our world class DGE Revenue Growth Method™ steeped in experience, research, and best practices, developed by Bob Dunn, an expert in revenue acceleration, strategy, alignment, execution, and leadership. 

How the DGE consulting process works

We have multiple options to help you succeed.

We have the 4-Step Customer Success Solution™ for businesses who know they need to reduce churn, increase retention, and improve their customers’ experience.  In addition to our specialized assessment, Bob Dunn will personally work with you and your team to identify root causes and organizational challenges from there help you improve the customer journey and construct the capabilities that will turn your customers’ success into a powerful growth engine.  


We have the DGE Customer Success Assessment™ for businesses who want to quickly and efficiently learn how to reduce churn and increase customer retention, expansion, advocacy, satisfaction, and lifetime value through an assessment.  Simply complete the online questionnaire of key competencies, and you will receive a comprehensive report with your results for each competency compared to industry benchmarks and three targeted recommendations.  You will also meet with Bob remotely for an hour to discuss the findings and performance improvement recommendations.


For organizations who want to understand their revenue growth acceleration opportunities in any of the DGE Growth Model Pillars or in all of them: Corporate Strategy, Product, Marketing, Sales & Channels, and Customer Success, we have a series of online assessments you can take. After completing the questionnaire you will schedule an personal remote meeting with Bob where he will walk you through your results and illustrate how you can start growing your revenue today.

Available Options:

Full end-to-end Revenue Supply Chain™Assessment™ ($1,999 a $2,495 Value)

Individual DGE Revenue Growth Pillar Assessments™ ($499 each) 

  • DGE Corporate Strategy Assessment™: Is your organization set up for success?
  • DGE Product-Solution Assessment™: Are your products generating revenue?
  • DGE Marketing Assessment™: Is your marketing producing revenue growth and a return on investment?
  • DGE Sales & Channels™: Are you closing the deal with your customers?
  • DGE Customer Success™: Are your customers achieving value and growing?

For organizations who know exactly where they are challenged and want to meet with Bob Dunn to learn how they can overcome their issues, you can book time with Bob to learn what you need to do to be successful.

Organizations who use the Revenue Supply Chain™ experience incredible returns on their business. Our customers have seen their revenue grow by millions of dollars within the first year of implementation and exponentially accelerated their enterprise value.

About Bob Dunn

With over 35 years in technology solutions, company leadership, investing, board service, and consulting with high profile clients, innovative start-ups, and working on Wall Street, Bob is a true expert.

  A thought-leader in his field and the founder of Dunn Growth Experts, Bob has distilled his knowledge into the Revenue Supply Chain™, a systematic end-to-end approach to generating revenue growth and creating enterprise value.  

Though the DGE Consulting Experience with Bob Dunn, you will receive the key insights you need to grow your Enterprise Value while taking your customer experience to new heights.

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“Bob has the ideal understanding of how to blend both the art, and the science of the sales and marketing disciplines together effectively for Go-To-Market leadership. He is financially astute in tying revenue and bookings outlooks to the income statement, balance sheet, and annual plan. I have often found his ability to communicate insights as an advisor (and subject matter expert) to help me and my teams to be very valuable and inspiring. Bobs senior level experience is ideal to help executives examine strategic major account sales processes and build targeted marketing plans for any business to achieve top line growth.”
— Glen Vondrick, High-Tech Transformation Executive