Turn Customer Success into powerful growth engine.  Dunn Growth Experts offers the DGE 4 Step Customer Success Solution™, a personalized and targeted digital and in-person consulting engagement so that you can set up your organization to reduce churn, enhance your customer’s journey and experience while increasing retention, expansion sales, customer advocacy, satisfaction, and lifetime value.

DGE 4 Step Solution.png

As part of the DGE 4-Step Customer Success Solution™, you will receive:

  • Assess: A performance and benchmarking assessment and findings report identifying strengths and challenges, calculate the cost of churn, and identify the root causes of churn, and recommendations to improve performance
  • Customer Journey Map: A customer journey map to improve your customer’s experience, journey, value achieved and lifetime value earned
  • Strategy Workshop: An analysis and strategy workshop to close gaps, establish practices, define metrics and plan next steps
  • Build the Customer Success Organization: An organizational strategy to move forward so you can start growing your revenue and enterprise value