About Dunn Growth Experts

Dunn Growth Experts gives you with the tools you need to be remarkable and grow your business success. We've helped organizations achieve over $50 million in additional Enterprise Value by systemically identifying gaps that are limiting revenue production and implementing solutions that will exponentially grow your business.

This is where Dunn Growth Experts step in. We’ll provide you with a personal assessment of your organization’s customer success function, so you can see which aspects of your business are keeping you from achieving your full success. Once identified, we have the tools and resources you need to address these weak points so that you can expand your customer base, reduce churn, and most importantly, strengthen your Enterprise Value.


About Bob Dunn

With over 35 years of consulting with high profile clients, innovative start-ups, and working on Wall Street, Bob is an expert growing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction and expanding market presence. A thought-leader in his field and the founder of Dunn Growth Experts, Bob has distilled his knowledge into the Revenue Supply Chain ©, a systematic end-to-end approach to generating revenue growth and creating Enterprise Value.  

By working with Bob, you will receive the key insights you need to grow your Enterprise Value while taking your customer experience to new heights. Through your personal assessment and consults with Bob, you will learn exactly what you need to do make your business an incredible success.

It seems improved top and bottom line performance follows Bob wherever he goes and whatever he does. Bob is extremely credible and one of very few executives with leadership experience and skills at strategy and execution across the key pillars of organizational performance; sales, marketing, product/service, finance, corporate strategy and execution.
— Doug Ellis, Managing Partner, DecisionPoint International, Tech M&A

What We've Achieved

  • Over $15M in Average Revenue Rate growth
  • $50M in additional revenue production

Thrilled customers across the board